Who we are:
We are a collective of medical science reporters and treatment literacy activists who have come together in an effort to find support for and to nurture independent medical and treatment literacy journalism.

What we do.
Each member has their own interests, but in general, we perform case studies, investigative reports, conference coverage, interviews, research projects or medical transcription. We hope to use a number of novel mechanisms to fund our work, whether it be through creative licensing options with content providers, through direct donations, assurance contracts (via services such as kickstarter), and so on.

Although the front page will be presented to look like a news site, our goal is not to compete with, but to rather market ourselves to sites like aidsmeds.com, aidsmap, the body, i-base, hivandhepatitis.com, etc. We hope to generate content for them, and perhaps contract out our services for NGO’s such as TAG, GNP+, MSF, the International HIV and AIDS Alliance, Human Rights Watch, or big multilaterals, such as WHO, UNAIDS, or, what the heck, donors such as Soros or Gates as well.

Even though some of us are working mostly on HIV and TB, we do not want this site to be limited to those diseases. We are concerned about improving health care delivery in the world and in the village — and in particularly, how can health care systems in resource limited settings can be strengthened to manage all the challenges they confront.

How to get involved:
Please sign up for our RSS feeds, and in the future, we will be sending out email updates.

If you are a content provider or other party interested in supporting our work, we will be rolling out a variety of ways for you to fund specific projects over the coming weeks, as the site evolves. In the meantime, if you want to help us cover our overhead, we gladly accept paypal donations.

If you are interested in becoming a member, stay tuned, we will post information about how to do so as soon as possible.