Apologies for posting so little over the past few months:

We’ve been undergoing some life changes this year, having to do with my father passing away and worsenng health issues with my mother — which has demanded more and more time — and relocating from South Africa to the States for an indefinite period of time. I am getting more help with my mother, so I should be able to get back to work.

Most of the time that I’ve have had available for work has been spent working on the Communities Guideline to the 2013 WHO Guidelines for the use of Antiretroviral Drugs for Treatment and Prevention, (which I am working on with some colleagues). Soon, I will be publishing on this site some materials (that represent my opinion alone) written to support this Communities Guide — in the hope that we can stimulate some discussion that will guide further the developments of some aspects of the tool.

And in other good news, I will be blogging and tweeting from the 44th Union World Conference on Lung Health being held in Paris this week. Stay tuned.


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