How You Can Help

This page will describe the ways that people can contribute to the site, or to projects that writers would like to have funded [and we still need a big image here]

We plan to outline ways in which visitors can help spread your message – donate, contribute, commission reports, buy content etc. each with it’s own heading and explanation

The following paypal donate button is for Theo Smart, who is paying the expenses of setting up and running the site. This is temporary, because he does not want the tax reporting responsibilities of managing funds for the whole collective. However if you want to help with the start-up costs of the site, please donate here:

In the future we will set up one for the collective as a whole and will explain who the money goes to and how it will be applied.

But for the time being, while we are starting up, please go to the ‘projects we’d like to get funded page’ to see descriptions of the projects, and please contact the author directly.

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