2013 International HIV Treatment as Prevention Workshop Report/Materials online

Just as the IAS 2013 conference began in Kuala Lumpur, an email arrived from Vancouver stating that the final 2013 International HIV Treatment as Prevention Workshop report and evaluation are now available and can be downloaded here. In addition, all materials related to the 2013 Workshop, including evaluation, photos, and daily summaries, are available at www.treatmentaspreventionworkshop.org.

I’ve been meaning to write up my own in depth report of that meeting and post it to this website. Unfortunately, it coincided with my father being hospitalised, which was then followed by a continuing decline in his health until his death a little over three weeks ago. My thoughts were in some disarray during this period.

However, there were some brilliant presentations and discussions at that meeting, some of which were embargoed until IAS, that I think merit a much closer look. Where pertinent, I plan to refer to some of those presentations in my upcoming IAS coverage. Others materials I still plan to write up as stand alone pieces — sometime within the next month… or at least before the end of August.

In the meantime, however, a colleague, Bob Leahy, who also attended the TasP workshop published two articles in PositiveLite.com (of which he is the editor).

One is an interview with Julio Montaner:

He has also written a report on conference highlights which can be found here.

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