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Theo Smart is an HIV activist and medical writer who joined ACT UP New York in 1988 and has more than twenty years of experience writing about HIV treatment for organisations including ACT UP’s Treatment & Data Committee, TAG, the PWA Health Group, GMHC, the Physician’s Research Network in New York and AmFAR. After the World AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa, Theo moved to Cape Town where he became involved in a number of projects including serving as editor of the HIV and AIDS Treatment in Practice (HATIP) and, and working to support National Networks of People Living With HIV participating in the HIV Leadership through Accountability Programme. At present, he is working as a freelance writer/editor primarily concerned with human rights, the scale up and delivery of HIV and TB care and treatment services, maternal and child health, revitalising primary healthcare as well as health systems strengthening in resource limited settings. He also follows the development of targeted health services for people who inject drugs, sexual minorities and commercial sex workers in concentrated epidemics.

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  1. Hey Theo,
    How the hell are you. Not sure why I didn’t look you up before now. Hope all goes well. Looks like you’r still getting some good work done. I’m in Manhattan. Where do hang your hat these days? Take a minute to say hello.

    Best regards,
    David Holland

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