Lance Sherriff Project #1: Reporting on the 6th South African AIDS Conference


Background: I would like to find support to cover the upcoming South African AIDS Conference in Durban South Africa.

Reasons for covering the meeting: As Theo said, this is an important regional meeting that takes place every two years in the country with the largest ART programme in the world, and the global HIV community has much to learn from how South African’s are responding to the challenges scaling up to universal access.

I plan on recording and filming as much of the conference as possible, to either transcribe in the future, or provide to other writers at for potential reports.

Date of the conference: 18-21 June, 2013

Conference website:

Costs Involved:

1) Expenses:

Transport:  ~$350 flights

Hotel & per diem: ~4 x $150 = $600

Additional digital recording devices: $50

2) Production costs:

Time writing articles/posting recordings, transcriptions: $1000

Total amount sought: $2000*

Deliverables: Two news articles of 500 words each, and six complete transcripts of the best presentations with all materials published by 26 July, 2013. Also, if anyone wants a particular presentation transcribed they can contact me directly, and we’ll take it from there.

Ways to support this project:

1) Contact the writer if you are a publisher wishing to license this work


2) Contact the writer with pledges to support the project. Any pledges will be accepted if the writer attends the meeting.

*Or amount to be negotiated with to another HIV-related website or publisher willing to license and publish the material).

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