*FUNDED!* Theo Smart Project #2: Partial support to cover IAS 2013

Background: Again, I realise it is very very late in the game, but I would like to try to raise support to cover the International AIDS Society conference in Kuala Lumpur

Reasons for covering the meeting: This is the most important international HIV science meeting which takes place every two years.

Date of the conference: 29 June-5 July, 2013

Conference website: http://www.ias2013.org/

Costs Involved (we’ll accept whatever anyone can contribute, if :

1) Expenses:

Transportation: ~$2200 flights

Hotel & per diem: Already being covered by IAS, the conference organisers in exchange for documenting two satellite meetings

2) Production costs:

Time writing articles/report: at least 2000 words of articles/blogs if I get to the meeting

Total amount sought: up to $4200* (transportation and deliverables $0.33 cents per word).

Deliverables: At least 2000 words of news articles, analysis, and interviews, published here or freely on another news site, with all materials submitted by 15 July, 2013. More depending upon support @ $0.33 cents per word.

Ways to support this project:

1) Contact the writer if you are a publisher wishing to license this work


2) Contact the writer with pledges to support the project. Pledges will only be accepted if the expenses and at least half of the production costs are met. Pledges can be honored via paypal or private arrangement

*Or amount to be negotiated with to another HIV-related website or publisher willing to license and publish the material). I will write content in exchange for a ticket

†FYI. Project #1 went unfunded, but family issues would not have allowed me to attend the conference anyway, and the same issues are part of the reason why this appeal is going out late, and why we haven’t employed Kickstarter or some other assurance contract mechanism to fund covering this meeting.

Update: This project has been funded. See you in Kuala Lumpur

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