Couldn’t get funding to go to ICASA, Cape Town, December 7-11

We tried to raise funding to attend ICASA, but could not find support to attend the meeting. Therefore, we won’t be reporting any news from this meeting. What follows if my original fundraising request.

Background: I realise it is very very late in the game, but I would like to find support to cover the upcoming 17th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa, in Cape Town, December 7-11.

While, until very recently, I lived in Cape Town, due to the death of my father in June, and my mother’s subsequent illness, I am, for the foreseeable future residing in Ohio.

Thus, to get to this conference I will need support or to work to cover my expenses getting to and attending the meeting. The airfare itself could be around US $1700-$2000. I’ve been offered work amounting to about $1000, and so will need to raise more.

Reasons for covering the meeting: ICASA is the biggest AIDS Conference in Africa, with 7 000 -10 000 of the world’s leading scientists,policy makers, activists, PLHIV, government leaders – as well as a number of heads of state and civil society representatives — expected to attend. Its organisers have stated that “the 17th ICASA is an opportunity to renew this global commitment by drawing the world’s attention to
the fact that the legacy is now under threat as a result of the global economic downturn. This year’s ICASA is an opportunity for the international community, and all Africans, to join efforts in committing to achieving an AIDS-free Africa.”

I’d be particularly interested in covering the HIV-related TB news there, and news on the integration of HIV into primary health care, as well as the adaptation of HIV care models for other chronic care services in sub-Saharan Africa.

For more, see

Costs Involved:

1) Expenses:

Transport:  ~$1800 flights

Hotel & per diem: ~7 x $150 = $1050

2) Production costs:

Time writing articles/report: whatever I can get, I’m hoping at least $1200 or so for about a month’s work.

Total amount sought: $4150*

Deliverables: At least 6000 words of news articles, analysis, and interviews, published freely here or on another news site, with all materials submitted by 6 January, 2013

Ways to support this project:

1) Contact the writer if you are a publisher wishing to license this work


2) Contact the writer with pledges to support the project. Pledges will only be accepted if the expenses and at least half of the production costs are met.

*Or amount to be negotiated with to another medical website or publisher willing to license and publish the material).

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