Linda Meredith, Brief Bio

LindaMeredithLinda Meredith, the founder and CEO of Sui Generis Health, received her MS in 1985 from Emory University. Over the following four years, Linda directed an immunology research laboratory for the American Red Cross. Her lab was selected by the Centers for Disease Control as one of 5 national centers for field testing a new assay to screen the volunteer blood supply for AIDS. Linda carried out advocacy work on behalf of women with HIV and AIDS, and participated in a number of major public health initiatives. She helped organize a national chart review to document opportunistic infections in HIV-positive women, a project which ultimately resulted in a modification of the CDC case definition of AIDS to include opportunistic infections impacting women.  In 1998, Linda formed her first company, MediSolutions. In the 4 years she was at its head, MediSolutions conceived and executed a range of programs from a retrospective clinical study presented at a major scientific meeting to support the launch of a high-profile drug. Linda started Sui Generis Health at the end of 2004. She conceived of it as a company with a foundation in high science, but responsive to rapidly changing markets, a company that would offer innovative programs to deliver measurable results, primarily in HIV, HCV and solid tumor oncology.

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